Mother Foucault’s Airstream Poetry Fellow 2018: Ryan Mills!

Mother Foucault’s is thrilled to announce the selection, by blind jury, of our 2nd Annual Airstream Poetry Fellow! Ryan Mills will spend the week prior to our 4th Annual Airstream Poetry Festival as a poet-in-residence at the Sou’wester. He’ll share his experience and some of his work in a reading on Saturday evening, October 20, in the Sou’wester Lodge alongside Alicia Jo Rabins, Kisha Schlegel, Sophia Shalmiyev, Anis Mojgani, and Melissa Stein.

Ryan Mills attended Manzanita Elementary School in Tucson, AZ & the MFA in Creative Writing at Portland State University.  Ryan has had poems published in 1001 Journal, Gramma Weekly, Heavy Feather Review, etc. & is a Letter Carrier for the United States Postal Service in Portland, OR.